The Sugar Trade

The Sugar Trade

The ins and outs of the sugar trade.

Sugar is the common name for sweet-tasting soluble carbohydrates. As a result it is a common substance utilized in food. The different kinds of sugar come from various sources. ICUMSA 45 sugar is “top quality” and is the specification of white sugar futures.

Sugar Harvesting

Sugar cane is basically a giant grass that grows up to 3 meters in height in tropical and semitropical areas. It needs precipitation and daylight to develop. Normally the production of sugar cane is dependent entirely on rainfall. Harvesting can be either physically or mechanically. In both cases they cut the cane at ground level and remove the leaves.The plant re-grows every year from the original root. However for optimum production, they substitute the entire crop after an average 7-year time span.

World Sugar Producers

Brazil is presently the world’s biggest producer of white, otherwise called centrifugal or fully refined, sugar. With yearly production in 2014/15 of nearly 36 million tons of sugar , Brazil produces marginally over 20% of the world production. In the sugar trade, Brazil’s exports represented about 45% of the overall sugar exports a year ago.

India is the world’s second biggest producer at 29.5 million tons. However India is also the world’s biggest consumer, leaving it outside the export and import sugar trade rankings.

China is one of the best five producing nations on the planet at 11 million tons in 2014. Furthermore its expanding populace and developing middle class has prompted the expanding consumption. Since 2011 the nation’s sugar imports have dramatically increased, growing from 2.1 million tons in that year to 4.8 million tons in 2014. China is the world’s biggest importer.

The US Sugar Trade Situation

The US produces about 7.7 million tons for each year, yet faces a net utilization shortage of 3.1 million tons. The deficit comes from sugar trade imports. Mexico normally supplies the US market. Sugar trade regulations and standard frameworks are seriously affecting sugar flows between US and its neighboring nations Mexico and Canada.

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