How Different Countries Use Beef

Cooked Beef

South America

As a huge player with respect to beef production, it’s easy to perceive any reasons why red meat assumes such a critical role in the South American eating regimen. Despite the fact that customs change from locale to locale well known cooking traditions in this part of the world incorporate flame broiling and grilling beef. Flank steak is also a key constituent in Argentina’s national dish, Matambre.

North America

The United States and Canada are additionally main consumers of red meat. Numerous North Americans pursue what could be portrayed as a meat and potato based eating regimen. The development and popularity of drive-thru eateries has dominated in framing present day dietary patterns. Americans and Canadians normally consume ready-to-eat foods, for example, cheeseburgers, wieners, bacon, and pizzas loaded down with beef.


The South Pacific countries of Australia and New Zealand rank high regarding worldwide consumption of red meat. The two nations are notable for being main producers and exporters of beef. New Zealand’s economy depends on its privately sourced venison and beef products. Meat pie, Australia’s national dish, is usually made with ground beef or steak.


The residents of the little Middle Eastern nation of Israel normally expend a lot of red meat. The nation’s palate is affected by a variety of territorial and imported societies. Albeit customary Jewish dietary laws (or the Kashrut) as well as the Muslim religion restricts the eating of pork, Israelis regularly flame grill and barbecue different meats. For example, beef and lamb. Prominent dishes in the country incorporate meat stews and Moussaka.


The only Asian nation on the rundown of the world’s top red meat consumers is Kazakhstan. As indicated by the World Bank, 80% of the country’s territory is utilized for horticultural purposes. Note 70% of this is field land is used for animal production. In particular dairy cattle and sheep.

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